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Professional advice – How to select the best high chair


– Budget

As stated in the high chair reviews one of the first things you need to decide on is your budget. There are several different types and styles of high chairs to choose from, and the prices will vary dramatically. Not only will your budget help you decide on the style, but it will also determine which features are absolutely necessary.


– Type

There are several types of high chairs, and each has its own advantages. High end and full featured models include everything you need to keep your baby comfortable during snack and meal times, but this is also reflected in the price. The most common type of high chairs are stand alone models that are generally constructed from durable plastic or metal. While these are some of the best high chairs in 2016, it should also be mentioned that many of the essential features are extra.

Some parents love the look of the traditional wooden high chair, but cleaning can be difficult and exasperating. These high chairs are often designed with a lower seat, making it impractical and even dangerous for infants. The most cost effective and easy to use high chairs are portable and attach securely to a kitchen chair. With several types to choose from, you can find the right model for you and your baby.


– Safety

Whenever you are buying anything for your baby, it is important to consider safety. The top rated baby high chairs of 2016 include all of the features you need to protect your child, along with a seal of approval from the JPMA. The safety harness should securely hold your baby in place, and include a 3 or 5 point locking system. Booster and portable high chairs should have strong straps that hold the seat firmly in place, and prevent sliding even when an active baby is sitting in it. The construction of the high chair is also important, and you want to look for wider bases if you choose a standalone model. Some of the higher end high models feature convenient wheels, but you do want to ensure that the castors can be locked for additional safety.


– Features

High chairs can include a number of different features to make your life easier, and keep your baby comfortably seated. Extra cushioning in the seat can keep fussy babies contentedly quiet, and the addition of a foot rest is perfect for toddlers with longer legs. The high chair should also be convenient and easy for you to use, which includes a tray that can be removed without problems. Seats covered with stain resistant material are generally easier to wipe clean, along with metal or plastic frames.

Some of the most popular models feature a versatile design that lets the high chair grow with your baby. Some stand alone high chairs can also be converted into convenient booster seats, to use until your toddler is tall enough to sit at the table. Adjustable trays and heights can also be convenient features, and help you get the most use out of your high chair.



Best Rated Highchairs of 2016


Once babies start eating solid foods, it is time for parents to start shopping for a high chair. Bringing the little one to the table is quite an important event, which is why parents want nothing but the best. The best baby highchairs 2016 are as follows:



Graco SimpleSwitch Highchair and Booster


1.Graco SimpleSwitch Highchair and BoosterSeveral key things are important when choosing a high chair. Safety is, without a doubt, on top of the list, and the Graco SimpleSwitch Highchair and Booster is the ideal choice for parents with a focus on the child’s protection. The model comes with a 5 point harness for smaller babies, which can be converted to a 3 point harness for older ones. Actually, the model can be converted into a booster, as your baby grows, so it will stay with your family for a long time.

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ciao! Baby Portable High Chair


2.ciao! Baby Portable High ChairThere are many situations during which you need to make sure that your baby enjoys the best comfort possible. For instance, if you plan to go camping, your baby will still need their high chair, so they can eat side by side with adults. The ciao! Baby Portable High Chair is a great solution for camping, as it is easy to fold, to carry around and to setup. A carry bag is readily provided, and parents are praising its portability. Being lightweight and without taking too much space in your trunk, this high chair is a great solution for all family trips.

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Evenflo Convertible High Chair


3.Evenflo Convertible High ChairConvertible high chairs are all the rage right now, as they are comfortable, secure, and they manage to grow with your baby. As a high chair, it serves for all the times when you need to feed the baby at the grownups’ table. When the baby wants to play, the chair can be removed from the tabletop and placed on the floor, so your child can feel the ground with their small feet. Last, but not least, the Evenflo Convertible High Chair converts into a right size table and chair, so your kid can enjoy their own things and grow happy and healthy.

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Summer Infant Classic Comfort High Chair


4.Summer Infant Classic ComfortWhile the vast majority of high chairs sold on the market are made of plastic, there are still parents who prefer those made of wood. The Summer Infant Classic Comfort High Chair is a more traditional looking model and it may trigger some nostalgia in those who want to be reminded of their own childhood. The looks of this chair may be conservative, but all the features are the result of modern technologies, in order to provide the baby and the parent with all the conveniences now available. The padded seat is coated with vinyl and easy to clean, and the 5 point harness offers the best protection possible.

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Badger Basket Envee Baby High Chair


5.Badger Basket Envee Baby High ChairIf you are looking for a high chair with playtable conversion, then the Badger Basket Envee Baby High Chair is the best solution for you. The best thing about this model is that it can be adjusted and converted in all kinds of positions, so the baby can be fed or entertained. Accommodating kids up to 6 years, this is a very good investment, if you want your child to grow up enjoying the best conditions when seated at the table, by your side, and also have some fun with the high chair converted into a chair with playtable.

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